People, places, and things. The way food tastes and smells. The sweet stench of a cigar or the wiff of a fine cologne. All of these little details can transcend the present and transport you to another place in time.

For me, it is the taste of fudge, the marshmallows from Lucky Charms, or a ripe, juicy peach. It is the sight of a hummingbird or birds of paradise. The sunshiney color of yellow or the bright, happy color of purple. The sweet smell of Chanel No5 or that of sweat and sawdust. These things take me back to time spent with my grandparents and trips to their house which was located at 121 South Maple Street.

It was a small house but a huge home. Full of more love than you could ever imagine. Seen through a child’s eyes, it was also a magical place. There were sparkles on the ceiling. The lamps turned on simply by the touch of your finger. There was an ice cold water spigot inside the fridge, long before I had ever seen a water dispenser in a refrigerator or freezer door. And you could pick up the phone in the kitchen, dial their phone number, hang up and it would ring throughout the house.

You’ve never seen two people take pride in their home the way that my Mamma and Pappa did. I mean, how many people do you know of that can successfully have carpet in the kitchen?! That’d be a disaster in my house, for sure! My grandmother kept the house spotless which was quite the job with eight kids, 30+ grandkids, and not a stranger in town. Even their driveway was meticulously maintained by my grandfather, who would regularly put down a fresh coat of blacktop to keep the driveway looking fresh all year long.

You might be wondering why I’m sharing all of this, all of these memories, with you. Well, I’ve been sitting on the handle “121SouthMaple” for a few years now. Yes, years. Wondering when and how I could use it in a way that I felt would do it the kind of justice I think it deserves. I’m still not sure that this website is it, but I’ve been wanting an outlet to share a bit of my life lately. A place to write down my thoughts and experiences. A place to preserve my memories. (I’ve also been working the graveyard shift, so now seemed like as good a time as any to get back into writing. 😉 )

2017 has been a year full of big changes. The year has been one hell of a wild rollercoaster ride. I’ve experienced some losses and a few grand victories. At all the major moments throughout the year, I’ve wished with all my might that I could talk to my grandparents again. I sent my thoughts and prayers to the heavens above, seeking their guidance and wisdom. And I have no doubt they’ve been looking over me every step of the way. I think they would have been proud of the woman that I was and, even more so, the woman that I’ve become.

So, this website is dedicated to them…
The people that taught me a house is only as big as the love that it holds. 💕Mamma & Pappa

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